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Who Is This Joe Martin Guy?

Joe Martin has been looking through a camera lens since his teens. He travels the world shooting incredible photos of nature, people, and events.

A native to New Hampshire and the White Mountains, Joe’s a passionate photographer, capturing the beauty of the people and the land.

His photographs have been featured on dozens of websites, conferences, and social networks.

Let Joe help you capture the most important memories and times of your life!

Joe resides in Madison New Hampshire with his amazing wife Dayna, and their four incredible children: Devin, Tiffany, Ivy, and Orion

*Copy write notes: Joe Martin will allow use of  any of the images on this site online for free under the term “Creative Commons License”

You may share my work on social network sites and within emails as long as the linkaccompanies the photograph. With Creative Commons you are free to: Use my images on your blog or website with link back to

In no way may you sell or charge for the use of my photos. A licensing fee for the commercial uses.

Please contact to learn more about our pricing for commercial licensing fees.

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